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If you believe I'm a great fit for an open role you have, filling out the form below is the only way to ensure there's actually a chance I'll get back to you.

At the moment, I'm happy at my current job and not looking for a change. As a result, I noticed that I have not replied to a single recruiting message for a role for quite a while.

Effectively, recruiters have had a 0% success rate in getting me to engage.

However, while I am not looking for a change, I'd like to give recruiters a chance to make their case.

It's entirely possible that there's a role out there that truly is "made for me" - and if you really believe that, it should be no problem to adhere to this stupid requirement of mine.

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More about this form

Honestly, I think this form is a win-win. But of course I'd say that.

It's definitely great for me to have recruiters fill out information in a layout that's most useful to me, but I'd argue that just seeing this form can save a bunch of recruiters some time.

For example, I regularly get messages for roles that are not a fit (usually something I did in the past, but no longer work with), as well as generic messages that are far from enticing.

Such occurences have led me to a general distaste for recruiting messages, to the point that I ignore even those that may have been targeted and carefully written for me.

With this form, I hope to give the worthy proposals a chance, while filtering out the noise.

On a technical note - form submissions here are actually going to a product analytics tool. This way, I'm able to filter through submissions based on role, benefits, salary, and other variables before digging deeper into the details.

For instance, I can easily filter out all the proposals for technical writing roles :D

Finally, I leave you with an adaptation of an anecdote that I'm sure was featured in some book but I can't remember which.

A heavily sought-after consultant found himself getting anxious and annoyed every time his phone rang. His services were in high demand so he was always getting calls from new potential clients.

It was becoming too much, so he decided to double his hourly price. Suddenly, he barely got any calls anymore.

Eventually, when asked about this decision - one that caused him to miss out on a lot of new business - he said "at least now when the phone rings I'm actually excited to answer".

With this arguably outrageous requirement of mine, I hope looking through the few submissions I get will be exciting, rather than dreadful. And that alone makes it worth it.

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