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The window for great-grandmothers is closing

And maybe it wasn't that long to begin with

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There are trips and trips

Patagonia Diaries #3

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There are many ways to say I love you

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I'll probably be (relatively) poor soon

Also known as: my friends will get rich

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The B Circuit

Patagonia Diaries #2

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What the fuck is going on in Argentina?

Patagonia Diaries #1

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Patagonia Diaries

Reflections from a long roadtrip

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Eiger Dreams

On the importance of seeing

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Hitchhiking around all of Taiwan

Three weeks, dozens of amazing strangers, and endless stories

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Northern lights

On beauty and complacency

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My scary first hitchhike

Eighteen, shirtless, and alone in middle of nowhere Spain — what could go wrong?

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Tides and the fight against the sand in the Brazilian Northeast

On tides, sand, winters, and how certain rough lives might be more natural than mine

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Everything will be alright in Iceland

On volcanoes, crises, and what we can learn from Icelanders

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Late for biology class

Treasure hunt gone wrong

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Trust me, I lived in Sydney

My stay was short but intense

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An (un)lucky hitchhike in Taiwan

It's a small world

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Salsa at the Brothel

Exploring the Medellín locals told me not to visit

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Twin in Berlin

Finding love in a Scottish dorm kitchen

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Riding Strangers’ Cars From Zinal To Chamonix

On mountains and roads in the Alps — and what really matters

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Reflecting on my 2023 goals

A late update on the progress of my goals for 2023.

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Os bons são a maioria (minha versão)

A temperatura marca 35 graus, e estou caminhando há mais ou menos 8 horas. Nesse período me perdi, minha água acabou, corri de cachorros, quase pisei em uma cobra, e perdi minha camisa, tendo colocado-a por cima do ombro por causa de tanto suor...

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Writing in the wrong language

Perhaps one of the most criticized basketball players in recent times is this guy called Ben Simmons. He was named an NBA All-Star (one of the best players in the league) and then his play began to decline significantly, with a lot of criticism surrounding his shot...

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February 2023 Notes

February recap of my yearly goals


Pepper spray your officers

Yesterday I was at a carnival event near the center of Belo Horizonte, my hometown. The event had a city permit, and so a key avenue was closed for the event to take place...



I was speaking to a gardener yesterday and he said: "I've sent my papers in for retirement. Man, I told my wife, if I retire, I'll start working 4-day weeks...


Goals for 2023

I don't remember the last time I set goals for myself the new year. I generally operate day-to-day with some objectives in mind but have traditionally not been great at setting concrete goals...


This website is hacky AF

The website you currently find yourself on is really hacky. Here's a quick summary of the hacky things you might find on it...


Why I'm comfortable publishing foolishness

When I started, I was very insecure. Well, still am. You'll find disclaimers, apologies, explanations, and the like all over my writing. As much as I'd prefer not to, I, like most, care about others think...


What's the world's most efficient language?

A while ago I was sitting on a plane and in a moment of boredom picked up the in-flight magazine. The magazine had a little travel article, and it was written in English on one page and Thai on the other...


Can you tell me the age of my users?

I once had an onboarding call with a client where I was asked: "Can you tell me the age of my users?" - I'm an engineer at an analytics company, and upon getting asked that question I was immediately taken aback...


Deep diving into the thread pool: a debugging story

Some months ago I found myself with the following issue in my sprint priorities: "BigQuery is very flakey on local / self-hosted" - Keeping context to a minimum, we run an open source analytics platform that you can self-host, and there are plugins to help you send data out of the platform...


Finding your true self

Many years ago I received a letter that, among other things, provided me with some advice. Part of that advice was: "Drink less coffee [...] and read some fiction" - The writer was someone acutely aware of my approach to life, and my constant struggle to "turn off"...


Recovering a customer's events

Here's a short post of a recent occurence just to get kickback into the habit about documenting debugging sessions and writing about software in general. Hopefully I'll cover some nastier stuff in upcoming pieces...


Be careful with Heroku Postgres

This will be a short one. Just a quick lil' rant. Heroku is a great platform for starting out a project. You can get up and running quickly, and it's extremely easy to add in valuable services (via Heroku add-ons) as well as scaling up and down...


The hiker's goal

Some time ago, on a reasonably challenging 5-day trail in the Pyrenees, my group encountered a dilemma. During the first 3 days of walking, our GPS devices and maps had all been showing the same way to the day's destination...

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Hiking around Andorra in 5 days

About a month ago I ticked off the top item on my "European Countries I'd Still Like To Visit" list: Andorra. The little mountainous country squeezed between Spain and France was staring at me every time I opened a map of Europe, so when a work trip took me back to the Iberian Peninsula, I wasn't going to waste the opportunity...


YC owns the product analytics space

I saw a tweet the other day that said YCombinator "dominates the product analytics category". This is indeed true. YC has invested in all the top players in the product analytics space: Mixpanel (S09), Amplitude (W12), and Heap (W13).

Software Rambles

Why I built my own static site generator

The website you're currently on was built using a static site generator called Teeny. Until yesterday, Teeny wasn't even an idea. It didn't exist at all, not even in my mind. You see, for a long time I've been wanting to launch a personal blog...


What's the cost?

"You look like you've lived a lot", she said. We were around 2500m above sea level, and it was day 3 up in the Andorran Pyrenees. I started off this journey by myself (which, and this is relevant, is also how I'd end up finishing it), but since day 2 I'd been hiking with 3 others...

Introspection Rambles

Building a modern react app from scratch

The main objective of this tutorial for me was to get myself to better understand the multiple moving parts that make a React app work, rather than just accepting the "magic" of the many templates/boilerplates out there...


So many thoughts

So many thoughts...