The old intro

July 22nd, 2023

I'm Yakko, and I'm a... I'm not sure, actually, now.

I'm a software developer by trade, and have been so for six or so years.

but that's not all I want to be. and that's partly what this website is about - here you'll find bits and pieces that compose what I am and where I'm going.

if you'd like me to be more practical and less philosophical, I've just recently left an awesome company called PostHog, which I joined early on, after three great years.

in lighter terms, I'm currently on a sabbatical, but it's ok if you want to call me unemployed.

during this period, I have three main areas I want to spend my time and energy on:

  • various "intellectual pursuits": dive into new knowledge areas (e.g. photography, history); build more projects from my software list (including improving existing ones like HouseWatch and this website); get back into learning languages (e.g. picking Mandarin back up).
  • writing: I've had a lot of success as a technical writer (mostly focused on an audience of early-stage devs), and my articles (primarily on Medium, but also on this website and other places) have been viewed by around a million people. while I'm still interested in technical writing, although leaning more towards deeper content (e.g. this), I'd also like to dabble a lot more with non-technical writing, which you'll find here both on my blog and the poems section.
  • mountaineering: being in nature is a non-negotiable aspect of my life, and mountains have held a grasp on me for a long time. I've gathered a solid amount of experience in this aspect over the years, but am currently working to develop my technical skills further in order to tackle bigger challenges.

going forward, this website will be central to the above - I intend to document my thoughts and express myself in here, mostly for my own sake.

but if you're keen, feel free to tag along.